Get to Know your New Neighbourhood

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Planning a move, or just finished unpacking? Don’t struggle to find your local gems and get to know the area.

We understand that moving to a new area can be a little daunting and discovery takes time, that why we’ve put together some simple tips on getting to know your new neighbourhood and falling in love the suburb you selected.

Begin with a quick surf…

Although looking online doesn’t mean you are out and about making friends, it does prevent you getting lost and aids you in opening times.

Plus, checking out local review sites can be the perfect way to finding your new go-to coffee shop or nearest restaurant. Don’t underestimate Google Maps or Yelp when it comes to starting from scratch.

It’s all there in black and white

Whether you walk down the road and pick up a paper copy, or you search online for your local newspaper, it is a great way to see what the local community are planning and what events are on in your area.

View adverts for local businesses and get an understanding of what your suburb has to offer.

Dig out your walking shoes…

Walking is the best way to get a feel for a place, and means you’ll find your bearings sooner. Why not check out what nature trails and parks are in the area, or visit the local sites? Walk through the hustle and bustle of the nearest town or city, making sure you take everything in – you never know, you might just come across a little hole in the wall café or brilliant bookshop.

Living for the weekend

The weekends are best for discovery! This is when you will find the local farmers markets, see groups of friends out for lunch or the local community yoga group taking their class outside in the fresh air. Busier is better, it gives you the opportunity to see what others are up to and speak to the locals.

Love thy neighbour

Ask fellow neighbours –what better recommendations than word of mouth? If you see someone carrying a large bunch of fresh flowers or a delightful looking cake, ask where they got it from…

Mix it up

Shake up your shopping habits – try not to get stuck in a routine too soon. The best way to find the best produce is to try all your locals out first, you don’t want to miss out on the butchers sausages or bakers bread. Work your way around and then assess from there – it may be handy to have a shop 2 minutes down the road, but don’t draw the line there.

Places to go, people to see

The local community centre or library is a great way to meet people and they both usually have a bulletin board with events, classes and sales, so you will know what’s coming up. Plus, you can always pick up a good book or join an exercise class while you are there.


Scope out the essentials

You don’t want to be caught short, find your nearest doctor, police station, vet etc. and sign up to those you need to. You want to be prepared for every situation.

In short:

  • Scour the web first, this can even be done long before you move in.
  • Pick up a local paper.
  • Ask and shop around.
  • Join a class or community event.

If you’re brand new to the area, don’t forget to write down your new address, or save it in your phone, no one wants to get lost if they venture too far!

For more top tips and to discover more from your move, why not register your interest online, or get in touch with Chenel At St Leonards today?

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